How do I send it by international express? Read and understand the shipping process!

1. Prepare items

When preparing items, it is necessary to carefully check whether the items to be sent comply with the regulations and requirements of international courier companies. For example, weight and size restrictions, prohibited items, etc. In addition, it is necessary to prepare necessary shipping and receiving information, including name, address, phone number, and email. This information will play an important role in the subsequent process.

2. Packaging items

Before shipping, the item needs to be properly packaged to protect its safety. Packaging materials can use foam, bubble film, cardboard, etc. For fragile items, additional protective measures are required, such as filling materials, hanging packaging, etc. Packaging items is an important step in ensuring their safe delivery.

3. Send the package to the "Postal International" operation center

The package arrives at the domestic operation center

4. Pay shipping costs

Calculate fees based on factors such as service provided, item weight, and size

You can choose multiple payment methods, such as credit card, Alipay, bank transfer, etc

5. Package dispatch

Postal International provides tracking services for items sent, allowing users to check the status and location of the items through tracking numbers and keep track of their transportation progress in a timely manner

6. Package Receipt

The recipient signs for the item. If the recipient is not at home, the courier company may arrange for another delivery or store the item at a designated location.

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