Small Parcel Expert
 Ecommerce Parcel Specialist
E-commerce packages are relatively small, sensitive to cost, and require a promiseable timeliness. We focus on the characteristics of e-commerce packages and create professional processes to guarantee services.
Easy to Cooperate
Our process is simple, we have a professional customer service team to connect with you, and we can use various ways such as API docking, online ordering, online tracking of parcel tracking, online complaints, etc. to complete our cooperation.
Time & Cost Efficiency Service
Our service has a price advantage. We do not promise to be the fastest service in the market, but we will ensure that the package is delivered to the customer as promised.
who are we?
Eparcel is an American logistics company that focuses on serving global e-commerce customers. We have a wide range of services with many logistics partners, including the US Postal Service, and have made important investments in core nodes to ensure fast and stable parcel services.
We have built 6 automated sorting centers and 15 distribution centers in the United States, with a daily processing capacity of more than 300,000 packages.
Starting from 2022, we have focused on building the package processing capacity in the Chinese market, and have steadily established the express package transportation and customs clearance capabilities from China to the United States.
Our service philosophy is to provide  limitation commitment and cost-effective small parcel delivery services.
Look forward to working with you