Detailed steps in the customs clearance process for importing goods from the United States.

Customs declaration: After receiving the arrival notice, if the customs clearance agent has prepared the necessary documents for customs, they can apply for customs clearance to the customs within 5 days of expected arrival at the port or inland point. The release notice for sea freight is usually issued within 48 hours, while the release notice for air freight is issued within 24 hours. In some cases, the goods have not yet arrived at the port and customs have decided to conduct inspections. Most inland points can make pre declaration (Pre Clear) before the arrival of goods, but the results will only be displayed after the arrival of goods (i.e. after ARRIVAL IT).

Prepare customs declaration documents: The documents to be prepared include bill of lading (B/L), commercial invoice, packing list, arrival notice, etc. If the goods have wooden packaging, fumigation certificate or Non Wood Packaging Statement are also required.

Transit: If inland customs clearance is required, we need to provide transit information, including I.T. #, effective date, place of departure, and place of suspension. Inland customs will use this information for monitoring and clearance.

Release: Once cleared by customs, the shipping company and the dock can see it. The implementation of AMS (Automated Manifest System) enables large shipping companies such as EVA, APL, Maersk, COSCO, CSCL, etc. to synchronously see customs clearance information and help the terminal system update at the same time. For relatively small shipping companies such as Sinotrans, LYKES, GWS, etc., it is necessary to release them through NVOCC AMS FILER fax NVOCC guarantee letter and a copy of customs pass (CUSTOMS FORM 3461).

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